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Aerial Filming
Aerial Cinematography

HeloAir is available for any and all of your aerial photography needs. Whether it's taking up a professional photographer for a photo shoot or providing a stabilized aerial platform for film work, HeloAir can get the job done. Our highly skilled pilots are committed to the highest quality in safety and customer service. They are experienced at "Flying the Camera" and are dedicated to helping you get the shots you need. With years of television news contract experience that gives us extensive general aerial photography know how. We work with external and internal camera systems. We also have a variety of gyro-stabilized camera systems in house that are ready to go. WESCAM, FLIR and Cineflex as well as a variety of mounts to put them on the nose, the belly or side mounted. HeloAir even has SAG pilots available on our staff.

Some of HeloAir's film credits include:

Ladder 49
Line of Duty
Deep Impact
Enemy of the State
Sudden Death
Gods and Generals
Minority Report
"Turn" AMC
Rappahanock River Renaissance

1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics
G.I. Jane
Cold Mountain
The Contender
Ken Burns' - Thomas Jefferson
Garth Brooks - Live USS Enterprise
Norfolk Southern (KITT Commercial)
WWII Mosquito

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