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From anywhere, at anytime, to anywhere at anytime...
Flying with HeloAir is easy. Our short notice response time combined with the flexibility of using helicopters means that you are not tied to someone else's schedule or an airport location. You are free to travel exactly wherever and whenever you desire. HeloAir responds to you and your specific needs rather than clinging to a predetermined schedule.

Our highly skilled pilots are committed to the highest quality in passenger service. They are always up-to-date on their training from the aircraft manufacturer and are dedicated to safety. Their warm, friendly and helpful attitude, and understanding of customer's needs make flying with HeloAir an enjoyable experience.

Safety, Safety, Safety
Safety is the most important service that HeloAir can offer you. In spite of our comfortable helicopters, we know that you won't be truly comfortable unless you have no concerns about your safety. HeloAir mandates an extensive safety program with recurrent flight training for our pilots and a strict schedule of inspections and maintenance for our helicopters. HeloAir's saftey-first philosophy can be felt on every level of our business.

According to the NTSB, the 206 series helicopters are the safest single engine aircraft ever made including fix wing airplanes. Our aircraft are serviced with one of the most strict maintenance schedules in the industry and the maintenance staff at HeloAir have received factory training in all the aircraft we operate. Again safety and quality are our main concerns.

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