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External Load

bambiHeloAir is able to provide external load/long line support with our Bell 206BIII and 407 helicopters. The Bell 206BIII helicopter is a solid platform for light lift work while the 407 delivers heavier lifting capability along with speed and agility. We are an FAA Part 133 Certified External Load Operator. Our skilled personnel can help organize the most efficient way to complete your lift job quickly and safely, saving you time and money.

We can provide the following:

  • Helicopter & Pilot
  • Signal Personnel
  • Radio Communication
  • Rigging
  • Lifting Straps, Cables, Nets, Swivels and Shackles
  • FAA permits
  • City permits if requires
  • Local police notification
  • Local fire department notification
  • Local airport notification if required
  • Service vehicles
  • Additional Insurance
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