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My flying career started with gliders back in 1988, between high school and my first year of college at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My parents gave me a week of glider lessons in Elmira, NY at the Schweizer Aircraft Factory, and at the end of the week I had soloed my first aircraft, a Schweizer 233-A. Although I never completed my glider training I will never forget that first time alone, high above the countryside. Scared? No way. I was elated. I was hooked.

Upon graduation from college I got my airplane license, but still, it did not occur to me to make aviation a career. It wasn't until four years later that I enrolled in the professional helicopter pilot course at Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, at the Oakland Airport in Oakland, California.

Why helicopters? Why not? Helicopter pilots enjoy the purest form of powered flying. No other aircraft can do what we do, and, no pilot enjoys their jobs more than most helicopter pilots do, in my opinion. We are not beholden to crowded airports and we enjoy the scenery below us.

To date I have Helicopter Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor licenses, including Airplane Multi-Engine Commercial/Instrument and Private Airplane Single Engine Land and Seaplane licenses as well. I have 5,500 hours of flight time, with over 3,500 hours of that in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

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