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I was born in Brazil, but grew up in sunny Orlando, FL. From a young age, I had a fascination with helicopters. In 2013, I was able to pursue the dream and started flying helicopters. In 2016, soon after obtaining my commercial, CFI and CFii certificates, I began my career as a professional helicopter pilot. Initially as a flight instructor, tour and a Robinson helicopters ferry pilot, and now as a utilities pilot for HeloAir.

HeloAir’s professionalism, commitment to safety and quality of service are amongst the reasons why I’m truly grateful to be part of the team and equally excited to continue improving on my skills and knowledge in the industry.

When not flying, I’m usually hiking some of the local trails, kayaking down the James River or spending precious time with my family and newborn daughter.

HeloAir, Inc • Richmond International Airport
888-FLY-HELO • 804-226-3400