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Being a third-generation pilot and a second generation dual rated pilot, my passion for aviation came naturally. Since I can remember, I’ve instinctively gravitated towards all aircraft. By age thirteen, I was logging pilot in command time and set my eyes on a career in aviation. Shortly after I became a licensed fixed wing pilot I transitioned into the rotorcraft world where I discovered a new love for aviation.

In 2013, I created a helicopter charter business based out of Santa Barbara, California. By this time I had already spent several years in the industry and saw an opportunity to start a business. During five and a half years of operation, I developed a multifaceted skill set while flying a variety of missions. Ranging from transporting high net worth individuals to protecting farmers’ crops during adverse weather conditions. This skill set continues to grow as I mature in my profession as a commercial pilot.

I enthusiastically joined the HeloAir team in 2018. I am grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by high-level individuals that share a like-minded passion for aviation. HeloAir’s commitment to safety and dedication in providing excellent customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors.

HeloAir, Inc • Richmond International Airport
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