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As a child, I always thought helicopters were amazing. I never thought I would actually fly one. After hearing an ad on the local radio station for free 30 minute introductory flights at a new school, it all came back to me. I realized, here's my chance! I called the number and sure enough, a few days later, I crawled into an R-22. From that moment on, I was hooked! After completing training to be an instructor, I took a few seasonal jobs pollinating rice out of the Robinsons. From there, on to flying wildlife, powerline and pipeline surveys - as well as animal depredation, capture, and eradication. After being in the Texas heat, I landed a job in Valdez, AK flying an R-66. I accumulated a lot of mountain flying while giving tours. The different utility jobs I have done came with amazing scenery and experience. From that, I learned that I really enjoy 133 utility operations. The season ended in Alaska and I started into the EMS World and enjoyed flying the B407 alongside some great people. Now, I’m here at Heloair fulltime as well as flying EMS part time to enjoy more wonderful experiences with a great team!

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