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Utility Projects
Power Line Patrols

HeloAir has the experience and technology to provide any electrical power deliverer a comprehensive patrol of its transmission and distribution lines.  With our new FLIR Corona 350 camera are able to patrol and record, IR, corona events, video the entire line / right of way, provide our clients with tracking data and provide digital still pictures of any problems, all of which are geo tagged. 

We can provide a turnkey service to you, helicopter, FLIR IR/Corona camera, qualified aerial observer and get reports pictures and videos to you the same day. 

Other defects we can find on our routine patrols before they become a problem:

  • Leaning structures
  • Damaged Poles
  • Broken, slack , or corroded guy wires
  • Broken, corroded, or buried guys
  • Bent, Broken, missing members of braces and crossarms
  • Packout (corrosion build-up)
  • Woodpecker damage
  •  Bird or animal activity/nests
  • Missing aerial numbers
  • Aerial light defective
  • Damaged Conductor and Shield Wire
  • Loose or missing dampers
  • Loose or missing spacers
  • Blown or damaged lightning arrestors
  • Basketed, missing, loose, or misaligned armor rod
  • Splice defects
  • Broken or damaged bonding
3.Insulators and Hardware
  • Contaminated, broken, chipped, cracked, or flashed insulators
  • Cotter key backed out or missing
  • Pin loose, missing or damaged
  • Missing, disconnected, slipped, or misaligned hardware
4. Row
  • Encroachments (dirt piled under conductors, pools, trampolines, deer stands, etc.)
  • Vegetation concerns (dead trees, encroaching vegetation, etc.)
  • Construction activity w/in ROW

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