Bell 407 Series

The pinnacle in single light turbine helicopter design, the Bell 407 displays the sleek and striking looks of the Jet Ranger and Long Ranger and offers the latest benefits of composite materials in its construction. That, combined with its powerful Rolls-Royce turbine engine, adds to the aircraft’s outstanding capability and performance.

  • Four-bladed main rotor provides unparalleled ride quality and noise reduction
  • Large cabin with club seating that can accommodate up to six passengers

Bell 407 Features:

  • FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) for responsiveness
  • Shoulder harnesses for all seats
  • Pilot exceedance warnings
  • Exceptional passenger comfort with the smoothest ride in its class and wide-open club seating for unparalleled visibility

Technical Specs:

  • Single Engine
  • Seats: Pilot plus 6 passengers
  • Max Cruise Speed:  140 knots
  • Max Range:  300 nautical miles

Safety Comes First

Our number one priority is ensuring your safety. HeloAir has the highest safety rating in the industry, on par with that of major airlines. We achieved and maintain this designation through advanced training, a safety management program, and first-rate aircraft maintenance.