Bell 206BIII JetRanger Series

The Bell Jet Ranger 206 BIII is the helicopter industry’s classic design. The airframe is legendary for its appearance and reliability. With seating for up to four passengers, the Jet Ranger leads the pack in the light turbine helicopter field.

Today, the 206 series has flown over 32 million flight-hours. The record shows that the Jet Ranger is the most reliable helicopter in the world According to the NTSB, the 206 series helicopters are the safest single engine aircraft ever made including fix wing airplanes.

Bell JetRanger Features:

  • Turbine engine reliability
  • Excellent safety record

Technical Specs:

  • Single Engine
  • Seats:  1 plus 4
  • Max Cruise Speed:  130 knots
  • Max Range:  300 nautical miles

Safety Comes First

Our number one priority is ensuring your safety. HeloAir has the highest safety rating in the industry, on par with that of major airlines. We achieved and maintain this designation through advanced training, a safety management program, and first-rate aircraft maintenance.