Power Line Patrols

Transmission and distribution line patrols are made easy by helicopter, and electrical power companies across the country trust us to get to work for them. Our experienced staff includes a former lineman with over 30 years of experience working for a power company. In addition to visual patrols, we also utilize a TrakkaCam -SWE 400 QUAD and a FLIR Corona 350 camera, which allows us to:

  • Patrol and record IR events, UV/corona events
  • Film the entire line/right of way
  • Provide tracking data and digital still images of problem areas (geotagged)

Defects Detected
We can find the following defects during our routine utility patrols.


  • Leaning structures
  • Damaged Poles
  • Broken, slack, or corroded guy wires
  • Broken, corroded, or buried guys
  • Bent, Broken, missing members of braces and crossarms
  • Packout (corrosion build-up)
  • Woodpecker damage
  • Bird or animal activity/nests
  • Missing aerial numbers
  • Aerial light defective


  • Damaged Conductor and Shield Wire
  • Loose or missing dampers
  • Loose or missing spacers
  • Blown or damaged lightning arrestors
  • Basketed, missing, loose, or misaligned armor rods
  • Splice defects
  • Broken or damaged bonding

Insulators and Hardware

  • Contaminated, broken, chipped, cracked, or flashed insulators
  • Missing or backed out cotter key
  • Loose, missing, or damaged pins
  • Missing, disconnected, slipped, or misaligned hardware


  • Encroachments (dirt piled under conductors, pools, trampolines, deer stands, etc.)
  • Vegetation concerns (dead trees, encroaching vegetation, etc.)
  • Construction activity w/in ROW

Safe and Insured

Safety is never compromised at HeloAir. We carry $25,000,000 in liability insurance and have an extensive safety management program in place for our team and helicopter fleet. Heloair is Avetta, Veriforce, ITS, and NCMS compliant.

Defects Found