Marshall Cataldi


As a child, I dreamed of being a fighter pilot. As a teenager, I learned that dream would not be possible due to my eyesight. I then took a discovery flight in an airplane to explore civilian flying, but found it incredibly boring. Upon graduating high school I enlisted in the Marines, forgetting about my dreams of flying jets. After my time in the Marines I spent a few years working at a local garage, until learning that I could use the G.I. Bill for flight training at a nearby helicopter flight school. I didn't know a thing about these strange machines, but was immediately hooked. It was even more fun than I had expected fighter jets to be, and I knew I had found my passion. After obtaining my ratings I went on to work as a flight instructor, then flew tours, charters, overseas contracting, and HEMS. I am excited to explore the world of firefighting with HeloAir, as well as seeing what other opportunities and adventures I can be a part of here.