Peter Finamore


Originally from Wayne, NJ. Peter had begun his career in aviation in the Marine Corps working on CH-46 sea knights. During his time in the Marine Corps, Peter participated in various operations including Operation enduring freedom in Kuwait. After four years in the Marine Corps, Peter then joined the Army national guard first in Chicago then went back to New Jersey. There he worked as a mechanic on the UH-60 Blackhawk. When Peter returned to New Jersey he took a position as a full-time technician where he then worked on OH-58 Kiowa and UH-1 Huey. During his time with the Guard Peter because a crew chief on Blackhawks and logged almost 500 hours in Iraq and an addition 300 flight hours before leaving in 2007. Peter then continued his aviation career to because a production line technician with Agusta Westland, working on the AW139. Working with Agusta for nine and a half years becoming a final delivery quality control lead mechanic. Peter continued to work in aviation for Piedmont Airlines and UPS working on Embraer 145, Airbus A300, Boeing 767, 757, 747 and the MD-11.

Peter Enjoys spending time with his 3 girls 16, 14 and 8. Flying drones and RC airplanes and helicopters. Peter is also an avid builder and DIYer.