Rob Roberts


I started my flight training in October 1990. I received my private and commercial certificates at M.G. Helicopters in Vandalia (Dayton), OH in the Robinson R22 Beta (no governor). My CFI training was with Eagle Helicopters in Miamisburg, OH with a Bell 47G-2. Later, I received my helicopter instrument rating with Northern Virginia Helicopters again in the Robinson R-22 Beta.
In 1994, I attended the Robinson Helicopter Safety course and while in California, I had the opportunity to fly my first Bell JetRanger with “Commander Chuck Street” and KIIS-FM in L.A. Later, I returned to build turbine experience with “The Sky Lord” Scott Reiff.

My first real flying job was as a part-time flight instructor in Sidney, OH. A gentleman living there had a hobby of re-building old helicopters. While an A&P, he was unable to fly his aircraft upon completion. I instructed him through solo before he lost his medical certificate. He continued to re-furbish helicopters and I was his “test pilot”. I had the opportunity to fly two of his beautiful helicopters; a 1948 Bell 47D-1 and a 1952 Hiller UH-12B/C.
About that time an ad in the back of a helicopter magazine brought me to Richmond, VA to build turbine experience with HeloAir. I could drive there in a day, so I started making the trek regularly. In December, 1995, I was offered a full time position with HeloAir as a line pilot. Since then, I have been promoted to Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, and I am currently the Vice President.

I have attended Bell Helicopter/Flight Safety Factory training for the 206B, 222B, 407, 427, and 430. I have accumulated over 8000 hours and flown numerous types of helicopters in many different missions.